Melody Sauce VST Crack + [Win/Mac]

melody sauce vst

A powerful MIDI melody creator MelodySauce is an Audio Unit / VST plugin that uses advanced generative algorithms to help you create instrumental melodies as MIDI in your DAW. A co-creation tool designed for anyone making music in electronic pop, dance and EDM styles, MelodySauce provides a quick and unlimited …

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Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 + Crack [WiN-MacOSX]

Toontrack Superior Drummer 3

Superior Drummer 3 (VST/AU/AAX/standalone) makes an immediately positive impression with its gorgeous GUI. Gone is the skeumorphic, oddly arranged fascia of SD2; now we have our menus and tabs (Drums, Grooves, Mixer and Tracker) along the top, all instrument editing controls in a single contextual panel on the right hand …

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KV331 Synthmaster One + Crack [WiN-MacOSX]

kv331 synthmaster one

A less complicated offshoot from its flagship SynthMaster 2.8, KV331’s SynthMaster One is two-oscillator polyphonic wavetable synth with a single-screen interface that keeps (almost) everything in reach at all times.  Generally speaking, it’s about as beginner-friendly as a serious synthesiser can be – which is to say, it’s a lot …

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Tone2 Gladiator 2.6 + Crack [WiN-MacOSX]

tone 2 gladiator

Tone2 has struck a near-perfect balance with the v2 update of its popular Gladiator synthesizer. It offers enough fixes and additions to tease open the wallets of hesitant buyers, but retains everything we liked so much about the original. Gladiator is a cross-platform synthesiser for PC and Mac in both …

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Cakewalk Z3TA+ 2 Crack [WiN-MacOSX]

cakewalk z3ta+ 2

Like friends, soft synths come and go, but only a few will be there for you year after year. In this sense, Z3TA+ 2 is a firm ally of ours. It’s been that way ever since the first version, programmed by René Ceballos of rgc:audio, debuted in 2002. A few …

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jBridge + Crack [WiN-MacOSX]


JBridge works perfect, I use it since years and years, and I have never encountered any issue with it. There is absolutely no need to run it as administrator (when someone is constraint to run a musical plugin or a DAW as administrator it is because he has placed it …

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Xfer Records Serum + Crack [WiN-MacOSX]

xfer records serum

After three years in development, Xfer Records has at last released its eagerly awaited wavetable synthesiser, and a quick glance at the feature list makes it apparent that Serum (VST/AU/AAX) represents an earnest attempt to produce nothing less than the world’s most advanced instrument of its kind. For starters, fancy …

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ReFX Nexus 2.7.4 Full + Crack [Win-MacOSX]

refx nexus 2.7.4

reFX’s Nexus2 synthesizer is one of the most notable and widely used pieces of software in the production world. The user interface is slick, the sounds are sublime, and the possibilities are so large in number, you would be hard pressed to ever actually use them all in a hundred …

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