jBridge + Crack [WiN-MacOSX]

JBridge works perfect, I use it since years and years, and I have never encountered any issue with it. There is absolutely no need to run it as administrator (when someone is constraint to run a musical plugin or a DAW as administrator it is because he has placed it in a folder protected by Windows [since Windows 7 several trees are considered as so important for the security of the system that Microsoft decided to protect them by default so that they should be altered only by installers, and it is also the reason why there is a tree named C:ProgramData to place daten used by the programs in another place than the programs themselves] or because he has not installed it exactly as it was intended to be). Since Windows 7 the best way to run musical plugins (and many programs in general) is to not install them in the tree “C:Program files” nor in the tree “C:Program files (x86)” but to install them elsewhere (where you want as long as it is not at least in these two folders). The best place is in your “Documents” tree or by creating a special tree for your needs. If the installers continue today to propose the tree “C:Program files” or the tree “C:Program files (x86)” by default it is for compatibility with the previous versions of the system (up to XP)… and these installers never forbid someone to change the installation folder/tree suggested by default. All my software stuff for music is installed in a dedicated tree named “C:EM” (“EM stands for Electronic music”) and all my software stuff for sciences (a dozen of big applications) is installed in a dedicated tree named ‘C:Sciences”‘ and the same for my dozen of programs of imagery (Paint Shop Pro, Corel Video Studio, etc.).

JBridge works absolutely perfect, it doesn’t require anything when you launch it in the purpose to add new 32-bit plugins and it doesn’t require anything either to do the job in a totally transparent way when using it in your 64-bit DAW to compose, play, or whatever you want. You don’t even remind that it exists and is running in background.

It doesn’t require any attention, it doesn’t add any latency, it doesn’t add any substantial need of CPU, it requires such a small amount of memory (a few Kb, that’s all) that it is totally forgotten by the musician even for the use of many simultaneous instances of musical plugins in his work.

And it is not for nothing that it summarizes more than 50 favorites on the KVR community as everyone can clearly see here at the top of the rightmost column of the present page.

This tool is a benediction to run any 32-bit plugin in a 64-bit DAW and with any number of instances you want and without any special authorization… the 64-bit DAW doesn’t even know that the plugin you run on it is a 32-bit plugin .

A top notch tool for all the amateurs of instruments and effects developed with Synthedit or Synthmaker/Flowstone.

Download section:

Windows Mac OSX
File name: jBridge.v1.7.5.WIN.Full.rar jBridgeM.v0.9.7.Full.OSX.Reloaded.zip
File size:  2.7 MB  3.1 MB
Upload date:  22/09/2018 22/09/2018
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  1. Download links ?

  2. Great plugin … Tested and works with 32 bit plugin to 64 bit with Adobe Audition 2017. Test it`s great My System Windows 10 Pro 64 bit PL. I will buy the Full version.

    Best Regards from Poland…


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